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Walter Dew

DEW, Walter

Born : 1863

1882 : Joined Metropolitan Police, warrant number 66711. Posted to X Division (Paddington Green).

1887 : Transferred to H Division (Whitechapel).

1906 : Promoted to Chief Inspector.

1910 : Arrested Crippen. Resigned and set up as a "Confidential Agent".

1938 : Published his memoirs "I Caught Crippen"

1947 : Died.

Dew saw Mary Kelly's body in her room and regarded it as "...the most gruesome memory of the whole of my Police career."(I Caught Crippen, 1938)

He believed that Emma Smith was the first Ripper victim and that "Someone, somwhere, shared Jack the Ripper's guilty secret."(I Caught Crippen, 1938)


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