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Sir Robert Anderson


Born : 1841, Dublin, Ireland. Son of Matthew Anderson a Crown Solicitor.

1862 : Recieves a BA from Trinity College Dublin.

1863 : Called to the bar.

1873 : Married Agnes Alexandrina Moore.

1876 : Brought over to London as part of an intelligence branch to combat Fenianism. The branch was soon closed but Anderson remained in London as a Home Office "Advisor in matters relating to political crime". He was also the controller for the spy Thomas Miller Beach who had penetrated the Fenian movement.

1886 : Relieved of all duties except controlling Beach after getting into trouble with Home Secretary Hugh Childers.

1887-1888 : Secretary of the Prison Commissioners.

1888 : Aug - Replaces James Monro as Assistant Commissioner CID.

1901 : Retires and is knighted.

1910 : Publishes his memoirs "The Lighter Side of My Official Life".

1918 : Nov 15 - Died.

Anderson stated several times that the identity of the Whitechapel murderer was known.

"...he had been safely caged in an Asylum." (Criminals and Crime, 1907)

"In saying that he was a Polish Jew I am merely stating a definitely ascertained fact." (The Lighter Side of My Official Life, 1910)

"...there was no doubt whatever as to the identity of the criminal..." (Police Encyclopedia, 1920)


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