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Rippercast: The Whitechapel Murders Podcast
A Diseased and Vile Creature: Thomas Cutbush
February 2nd, 2009
Duration: 01:26:45

Rippercast welcomes author and researcher A.P. Wolf to the show to discuss Whitechapel Murder suspect Thomas Cutbush. First named as the Ripper in a series of articles that appeared in The Sun in 1894 which prompted Melville Macnaughten to compose his Memoranda, Cutbush is an often overlooked and under-studied near contemporary suspect. We discuss his possible relationship to Superintendent Charles Cutbush, the facts behind the Sun articles, his committal to Broadmoor, and the Broadmoor case files on Cutbush which have recently been made public. With Paul Begg, Howard Brown and Ally Ryder.

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You can listen to the podcast via the player below:

If you'd like to download the full mp3 you may do so by clicking here. You may wish to right-click on this link and select "Save as" in order to save the .mp3 file directly to your computer.

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