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Eddie Grayson
Unregistered guest
Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2005 - 4:19 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

A psychological profile of the Ripper was published in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, 1989. The author was William G Eckert. a link to the German site in which I found the report is;-

Eckert pulled together existing knowledge and the opinons of various experts, Iíll summarise their main points.

Jack the Ripper;-
1) Drunk spirits locally, then wandered Whitechapel, returned after crimes to a safe area,

2) Stopped killing because he was almost caught or arrested for another crime. (Not suicide or on his own accord).

3) Believed murders were justified because of low regard for victims.

4) Attacks took place in a secondary comfort zone; initial attacks would have been closer to home.

5) Method of approach, selection and initial attack is the modus operandi and would improve with experience.

6) The mutations form the ritual afterwards that would generally become elaborate, but not necessarily always the case, only if circumstances allowed.

7) Would be unlikely to communicate by letters with the police, media, and family. If he did he would provide specifics about the case that only he knew. Publicity/attention not primary motivation.

8) Age bracket 28 Ė 36 (would expect onset to be mid to late 20s)

9) Would not look out of place, but dress up to attract victims to initiate contact.

10) In childhood failed to receive consistent care from stable parents/adult.

11) Detached socially, diminished emotional response towards people in general.

12) Would be cruel and dominating towards women

13) Below or above average in height

14) A non-severe physical abnormality

15) Unlikely to be married, if married it would be with someone older and wouldnít last long,

16) Would not be good at meeting women, would have used prostitutes, may have been infected with a venerable disease that would fuel hatred

17) May have been interviewed by police and overlooked and eliminated as a suspect because didnít fit with preconceived ideas of what Jack the Ripper did look like.

Thanks to excellent work by McPherson and Beadle we can now compare the above points using examples of what we know about Bury.

1) Bury;- We know spent time drinking and wandering, had time and flexibility.
2) Bury;- Moved out of area and arrested for wifeís murder feb 1889
3) In Buryís confession he blames his wifeís occupation.
4 ) We donít know about this but there were some savage attacks by a man with a knife in Bow prior to murders.
5) Strangled his wife with a cord from behind.
6) Bury stopped mutilations of his wife after intial attacks, why? to put hide her in a box?
7) If Bury was the Ripper he did not make his confession very clear.
8) Bury 28/29
9) We know Bury dressed well in Dundee.
10) Father dead, mother interned at birth. We donít know much about guardians,
11) Bad work references, would steal from employers, stole money from wife to fund drinking.
12) Regularly beat wife, threatened her wife knife, slept with knife under pillow etc
13) Bury was short at 5/3íí
14) ???
15) Ellen, few years older, marriage unsuccessful,
16) Bury did become infected and infected Ellen, (or vice versa) Ellen was a prostitute before marrying Bury
17) Bury was overlooked by police, continues to be overlooked by many ripperologists.

In conclusion I would say that Bury fits the psychological profile of the Jack the Ripper very well, more so then other current ripper suspects ive read about.

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