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!! Australian scientist says he'll solve the crime in '05 with new ...Stanley D. Reid115 1-06-06  4:46 pm
!!AND IF...""roryherbert70 12-02-05  4:14 pm
"Cattle?"joshua 41 2-22-05  9:49 am
"Eight little whores" poemJeffrey Bloomfied20 11-24-04  10:28 pm
"Mulchay Husson marriage"Chris Scott11-17-05  4:34 pm
"The Fiend Surveys His Work" - 1928Jack the Nipper16 9-18-05  9:02 pm
'Atmospheric Railways'Robert Charles Linfo15 8-06-04  4:57 am
'Autumn of Terror'John Ruffels7-23-04  8:10 am
'Interesting' PicMats11-07-05  7:03 pm
'Saunders' - Man of MysteryAP Wolf12-17-05  1:18 pm
* "The Juwes"... Was it all a big mistake? *john wright222 10-04-05  7:36 am
* I need your help!*Neil K. MacMillan127 9-21-05  4:32 pm
* IWEC & 1888 * QuestionNatalie Severn 6-15-05  6:34 pm
** four questions **allerteuerste10 11-05-05  4:39 pm
** General Discussion Archive - 2003 **
Old discussions from 2003 are archived here. You can still respond and "revive" old threads, they are simply moved to a separate folder to keep the newest discussions near the top.
 2-25-04  8:46 pm
*** How Much Did the Authorities Really Know? ***...Emma L Morris10-31-05  11:20 am
**Three Questions**Nicholas Smith16 10-18-05  9:38 am
100 years before Jackd g cornelius12-18-04  12:17 am
1894. The murder of an 'unfortunate' in KensingtonRobert Charles Linfo12-22-05  1:46 pm
2012 : What are the implications for the locations?any1rem39 7-17-05  9:49 pm
29, Aldgate High StreetGeorge Hutchinson24 10-01-05  8:14 pm
3D Anaglyph PicsGeorge Hutchinson52 3-17-05  4:19 pm
A 'Ripper' museum?Nicholas Smith97 5-30-05  2:40 pm
A British Tradition...down the tubes?MalcolmLittle21 6-27-05  7:49 am
A case for the prosecutionNicholas Smith87 12-10-05  1:02 pm
A centenary rememberedMonty7-06-04  10:50 am
A coin for JackNicholas Smith37 6-06-05  3:26 pm
A Double Event, the night before.AP Wolf185 10-31-05  1:20 pm
A Fact List About The Killerex PFC Wintergreen41 1-02-06  9:04 pm
A Jack the Ripper Speechstefan ruddock2-20-05  12:25 am
A Little Help Finding Murder Sites With Google EarthMACO12-12-05  8:05 pm
A Little Help With Newspaper Sketchesrodney10-01-05  10:42 pm
A Little Help With the Times of the MurdersN. Beresford.141 10-24-05  12:51 pm
A little question concerning plumbingPhil Hill17 9-01-05  4:38 pm
A motive perhaps far fetchedex PFC Wintergreen1-07-06  1:50 am
A Museum of Jack the Ripper HistoryTee@jtrforums70 6-30-05  9:26 pm
A New Fun TheoryPhil Hill49 1-05-05  1:51 pm
A New Suspectokay24 12-07-04  9:25 pm
A new unheard of Suspect!!Dan Norder4-20-05  5:44 pm
A Picture of Philip SudgenChristopher T George24 12-03-04  2:55 pm
A questionAndrew Spallek6-06-05  12:47 pm
A QuestionR.J. Palmer10-03-05  1:01 pm
A question about various JtR theoriesPat53 10-16-05  1:46 pm
A question of misinterpretationsKatrina O'Neill10-05-04  7:07 am
A Spoof!Suzi Hanney15 6-21-04  4:05 pm
A train's accident?Jack the Reaper8-19-04  10:59 am
A?R Methodology and Research ThreadN. Beresford.136 1-02-06  1:15 pm
Abberline Biographical Informationbelindafromhenmans11 12-20-05  12:44 pm
Adam Worth aka Henry RaymondSuzi Hanney10-06-05  4:39 pm
After ReadingHoward Brown11 11-07-05  8:46 am
Agatha Christie Gets Into the ActPaul Williams7-03-04  5:03 pm
Age of KillerBelindafromhenmans26 12-28-05  7:33 am
Alcohol amountDustin Gould57 12-04-04  2:37 am
Alien nationNatalie Severn 8-19-04  6:34 pm
All of the supects, that's right ALL OF THEMMelissa Turcios37 11-19-05  10:50 am
All we have to do to find JTR is .......................John Carey60 2-28-05  6:28 am
Almost 1888L McMurdo13 3-14-05  11:35 am
Alterations in our beliefsMichael Raney46 5-06-04  2:13 pm
Alternative Ripperology: Questioning the Whitechapel Murders (by Da...Stephen P. Ryder1221 33 1-20-05  4:05 pm
An American AbroadAP Wolf4-21-05  2:34 am
An appealPaul Williams11 6-05-05  9:26 am
An Exclusive Revelation In RipperologyDestiny213 11-09-05  3:55 pm
An unedited, unromanticized look into the mind of a killer...cautio...TheresaCaparco3-17-05  2:33 am
Anatomical KnowledgeDustin Gould12-26-05  8:25 pm
And if we really catch him?Ian9-23-05  12:55 pm
Anglophile Message BoardHoward Brown10-23-04  9:20 am
Animal AbuseAP Wolf10-25-05  1:00 pm
Annual Conferences on Jack the Ripper
Discussion relating to the annual Jack the Ripper conferences held in the U.K. and U.S..
Judith A. Stock635 22 1-09-06  11:28 pm
Anti-semitic conspiracy?Bullwinkle46 12-20-03  12:51 pm
Anti-semitismMephisto57 2-12-05  6:33 pm
Appeal for Ripper ItemsIan Findlay11-09-05  3:22 am
Are you JTR's son or daughter?Vess37 9-16-05  8:03 pm
As it turns out, I am Jack the Ripper.Suzi Hanney37 12-22-05  4:25 pm
Assumption Saddam42 11-27-03  11:09 am
ASTRONOMICAL DETAILSuzi Hanney2-13-05  6:54 am
AT THE RISK OF SPOUTING OFF!!Suzi Hanney118 1-10-05  1:11 pm
Audio filesL.K. Cook2-21-04  8:54 pm
Authors and ResearchersEddie Derrico30 11-17-05  12:58 pm
Back to BasicsDr L.A. Reid108 2-21-05  9:41 pm
Back to Basics (II) - Earlier murders?Frank van Oploo14 1-20-05  4:18 pm
Back to Basics (III) - TabramJeff Leahy65 2-03-05  7:12 am
Back to Basics (IV)Donald Souden38 4-09-05  4:54 pm
Back to Basics (V) - Initial Police InvestigationKat Rose52 11-13-05  6:24 pm
Bad Year For The Roses - 1888Natalie Severn 7-30-05  3:01 pm
Bank Holidays and FiresPhil Hill1-01-05  3:27 am
Barnaby and BurghoGareth W12-17-05  3:20 pm
BBC Script on eBayRobert J. McLaughlin4-09-04  4:42 pm
Beefeaters Walking Tour?Steve Froggatt11-21-05  3:27 pm
Behavior on the Message BoardsCarolyn15 5-12-05  4:28 am
Biggest Discoveries Since 1999?Kris Law11 11-24-03  12:38 pm
Billingsgate 1892Chris Scott11-17-05  5:28 pm
Black Country JackNicholas Smith20 10-20-05  9:09 am
Blamed for NothingFrank van Oploo184 6-19-05  5:26 am
Blanco as a cleaning agentChris Michetti3-30-04  11:53 pm
Bloodstains on the killerRichard Brian Nunwee52 4-13-04  4:10 pm
Blotchy Face RevisitedDiana 3-27-05  10:36 am
BoardSchool CouplePaul Jackson12-03-04  4:31 pm
Body-snatchersRobertoa C. Reed19 10-19-05  10:17 pm
Bookmakers odds on the RipperDavid Knott28 12-02-05  2:20 pm
Bousfield->Luckhurstesm9-03-04  5:34 am
BRAND NEW HOAX PEOPLE!!!! Sam6-25-05  10:58 am
Brighton 2005 conference goersChristopher T George3-31-05  2:43 pm
Broadmoor AsylumC Jones15 12-19-05  8:21 am
Buenos Aires murder 1894Chris Scott9-20-04  10:31 am
BUILDING ON DURWARD STREETPatricia10-04-05  8:15 pm
Building Whitechapel in 3DDonato Fasolini7-26-04  4:48 pm
Business loss in the Whitechapel area during "The Ripper Era"Dustin Gould1-09-05  11:23 pm
Calendrical ProgressionCaroline Anne Morris16 5-02-05  5:36 am
Can The Apron tells more..........George Hutchinson76 3-09-05  8:35 pm
Canonical FiveClive Appleby23 4-16-05  8:47 pm
Case Closed? sarah adkins5-16-04  9:42 pm
Casebook Issues
Discussion of issues related to the Casebook web site. Change requests, bug fixes, questions on technology, etc.
John Ruffels400 35 1-10-06  4:48 am
Casebook popular suspect listStanley D. Reid74 11-30-05  6:19 pm
Catching up with the godsAP Wolf36 9-11-05  5:01 pm
Census Data and ResearchMrs Lee Poolman85 10 12-23-05  4:05 pm
Certificate ReferencesNeil Cooper12-17-04  5:47 am
Chalk, graffiti, handwritingCaroline Anne Morris121 10-05-05  6:38 am
Changing Our MindsAdam Went194 2-16-05  3:50 am
Charles CrossChristopher T George11-29-04  11:39 am
Chat with Jackcool chick9-09-04  1:57 pm
Christ Church Spitalfields -- Clock/Bell Ringing QuestionJana Oliver11-01-05  4:50 pm
Cleric's warningesm9-27-05  6:35 am
Cloak & Dagger Clubcoral kelly17 8-19-05  3:10 am
ClothingPhil Hill12-08-04  7:22 am
Come In " RED DEMON "...Bullwinkle3-27-04  8:29 pm
Confusing Britishisms and Other Conundrumsspymaster186 11-29-04  8:10 am
Copywrite for the biggest clue of all timeChris Phillips56 10-05-05  3:36 am
Corruption in the Police ForceChristopher T George10-28-05  10:47 am
Could Diemschutz have Killed Stride?Suzi Hanney47 12-07-04  3:43 pm
Could he have killed men too?Stan Reid62 3-30-05  5:16 pm
Could The Mystery Be Solved Logic Puzzle Style?Nicholas Smith6-15-05  9:48 am
Cox, Henry -- City Police SuspectChris Phillips15 2-11-05  12:35 pm
Credibility of DoctorsDustin Gould16 9-02-05  11:46 pm
Crime Scenes /Colour and ReconstructionsSuzi Hanney572 12 4-14-05  6:27 pm
Crook conspiracyPhil Hill25 10-13-05  3:36 pm
Crowley, Aleisterfrater9-10-05  7:47 pm
Dates of the killings?ex PFC Wintergreen6-18-05  2:27 am
Day/Time CorrelationChris Phillips11-26-04  2:36 am
Days of the Weekjohn wright39 10-17-05  6:10 am
Dear Boss: The Ripper on StageMark Bellamy2-02-05  7:49 pm
Detective states Ripper unmasked ?Shelley Wiltshire7-31-04  11:58 am
Did da pigs 'old enyfink back?ex PFC Wintergreen10-24-05  8:31 am
Did da pigs 'old enyfink back?ex PFC Wintergreen10-24-05  8:32 am
Did Jack have a lamp?Julie Lambert14 1-09-05  10:52 am
Did Jack use a lamp?Glenn L Andersson5-03-04  11:30 am
Did The Offer Of A Reward Help Or Hinder The Investigation?Caroline Anne Morris12-02-05  5:52 am
Diemschutz's arrivalSuzi Hanney64 12-04-04  5:13 pm
DNA & Jack The RipperDiana 12-10-05  10:53 pm
DNA Fingerprinting in AUSDoug11-05-05  10:37 am
DNA on letter?Hugo Chávez12-31-04  4:27 pm
DNA Portrait?Diana 11 12-30-04  6:15 pm
Do We Agree on Anythingex PFC Wintergreen46 6-18-05  2:45 am
Do we really want to solve this?Robert Charles Linfo54 9-09-05  12:39 pm
Doctors involved in the Whitechapel MurdersSmadaGer51 11-13-05  6:21 pm
Dorset/Duval Street. Rare photo/ film alert on Sky uk channel!Paul Stevens6-28-05  11:42 am
Dr Edward SpitzkaDan Norder10-03-05  4:07 am
Dr John Williams and a couple of questions that need to be answeredSuzi Hanney6-20-05  4:24 pm
Dr. ClarkeStepan Poberowski18 3-15-05  4:01 am
Draculas, Werewolves, and Vlad, or Modern Society or?Mr Poster10 8-05-05  5:44 am
Dream portraitDavid C. Warheit2-06-04  11:46 pm
Duke of WestminsterAP Wolf4-03-05  1:48 pm
Duval Street photos 1960Paul Stevens6-28-05  7:31 am
Dynamite Outrages of 1885AP Wolf12 7-03-05  5:46 pm
Déjà vu AP Wolf6-19-05  3:51 pm
Earliest profile of the Ripper? 1893Rosey O'Ryan15 1-04-06  5:48 am
East End 1888Natalie Severn 11-04-04  5:26 pm
Ebaywatch!Jennifer Pegg399 1-04-06  11:35 am
Economic Motive?Glenn G. Lauritz And6-17-05  8:43 am
Eddowes`s shawlGordon7-29-04  7:03 pm
Edward Buckley 1885Natalie Severn 3-24-05  4:53 pm
Edward LarkinsNatalie Severn 8-17-04  3:47 pm
Elephant manMichael Raney3-08-04  6:55 pm
ELEPHANT MAN AS THE RIPPERMonty62 12-15-04  7:26 am
Environmentc.d.11-28-05  10:52 pm
Epidemiology and JackDiana 8-30-04  11:00 pm
Escalation, anyone?Robert Harron10-14-05  4:10 pm
ESCAPE FROM DUTFIELD'S YARDPaul Jackson75 4-18-04  5:53 pm
EX PFC WINTERGREEN HAS ANOTHER QUESTION!!!!ex PFC Wintergreen9-13-05  2:55 pm
Excellent Article on Neurodevelopment of PsychopathsMaria Giordano9-11-05  11:19 am
Exhume The GravesAndrew Spallek190 5-05-05  11:18 am
Factual ErrorsHoward Brown1-08-06  9:48 pm
Family linksBubba King4-28-05  10:35 am
Fieldgate Streetdb47 2-06-05  5:27 am
Find the gravesAndrew Spallek9-23-05  2:27 pm
Fingerprints on Stamps Diana 4-03-05  4:19 pm
Fire StarterAP Wolf17 4-07-05  4:28 pm
Fireman?Andrew Spallek16 8-30-05  5:33 pm
Flower & Dean streetMark Andrew Pardoe8-22-04  3:58 pm
For the Calendrically InclinedAndrew Spallek12-17-05  4:19 pm
Foreign language versions of Jack's nameJack the Reaper26 11-16-04  3:02 pm
Foreign LookingStef Kukla12-31-05  6:27 pm
Forgive me for using my trade nameCarolyn3-18-05  1:12 pm
French newspaperAndrew Gable14 7-04-04  9:46 pm
From hell Mason_JW7-26-04  2:22 pm
Future of these boards.Phil Hill143 5-03-05  1:43 am
General Gary Alan Weatherhea2-20-04  4:01 pm
George Lusk info requiredIan Biles6-23-05  7:07 pm
George Lusk?Lynne KInder11-13-05  5:10 pm
George Yard BuildingsAP Wolf11-16-05  3:20 pm
German Message BoardBrad McGinnis9-22-04  11:38 pm
Goodbye and FarewellLindsey C Hollifield23 11-27-05  1:10 am
Goulston Street Graffito and PsychopathologyPhil Hill20 4-25-05  2:52 pm
GPS Positioning of Historical JtR SitesBob Hinton12 7-12-05  2:29 am
Grave robbing?Christopher T George16 12-15-04  9:35 am
Grave sites "i have a question?"Andrew Spallek4-07-04  10:51 am
Griffith GilwayChris Scott5-03-05  9:40 am
Gunthorpe Street DemolitionGlenn G. Lauritz And7-19-05  3:29 pm
Hard TimesAP Wolf26 11-03-05  1:51 pm
Harrington StreetEm7-20-04  9:33 am
HAS A PSYCHIC EVER BEEN EMPLOYED?Scott Suttar67 8-01-04  10:58 pm
Hatchet? was it used in mary kelly's murder?shelley wiltshire7-28-04  6:03 pm
HatsPhil Hill13 12-29-04  4:43 am
He was a One.HRH10-21-05  2:08 pm
Hear Gladstone Speak!Phil Hill1-02-05  11:21 am
HELP NEEDEDzxcter2-28-05  5:54 am
Help Requests
An area for those who wish to request assistance of any kind in their research.
Neil K. MacMillan506 75 11-26-05  4:27 pm
HELP WANTED: ATTENTION PHOTO SLEUTHS...John Ruffels12 1-10-06  5:13 am
Help with a New TheoryJerry Maynard4-30-04  9:03 pm
Her eyes looked queerRichard Brian Nunwee8-28-05  3:52 am
Her Majesty's Most Gracious PardonJennifer Pegg80 1-03-06  12:19 pm
Heroes and villainsChiswick-Person8-13-03  6:06 pm
HOAXESStef Kukla52 10-01-04  8:22 pm
How big was Whitechapel?Ragnar Osdal9-22-04  9:47 pm
How can we dispute thisAD17 5-03-05  5:53 am
How dangerous was Whitechapel?NC26 2-09-05  11:30 pm
How do you pronounce Druitt?Uriah Hexam7-08-05  10:43 pm
How many people did ol' Jacky really kill? Glenn L Andersson346 14 3-01-04  12:33 am
How sickextendedping12-31-04  4:19 pm
Human error and the "fog of investigation"Steve Swift19 10-07-05  5:57 pm
I need help for a paper ASAPAzriel11 5-12-05  1:05 pm
I need help for a paper/trial ASAPMelissa3-12-05  3:46 pm
I need some help for paper!Neil K. MacMillan1-21-05  5:29 pm
I need your help!!!st. laux2-11-04  8:36 am
I'll Pay $10, and Send You a VHS Tape, If You (Whoever You Are) Wil...Suzi Hanney11 11-01-04  5:54 am
I've finally done it!! I've solved the case!!!Sergeant Charles Eyt20 9-24-05  3:35 am
Identification at the Seaside HomeRobert Charles Linfo8-27-05  6:45 am
IF YOU WERE GRANTED 3 WISHESex PFC Wintergreen33 3-24-05  9:21 pm
Important new bookThomas C. Wescott9-16-04  11:01 pm
In Honor of the VictimsSergeant Charles Eyt11 1-07-06  2:15 am
Influence of the WCM crimes in the LVP Crimes of Passion24 9-16-05  9:14 am
Ingleby Oddie AutobiographyTracy Martin27 1-23-05  8:32 am
Instruments UsedNupur T. 6-06-05  12:55 pm
Insult ThreadKelly Robinson44 1-22-05  5:21 pm
Interesting JTR Mention..David O'Flaherty7-15-04  9:39 am
International Detective's Conference St. Louis 1889Christopher T George12-29-03  12:10 pm
Interview with Polydore De Keyser, Lord Mayor of LondonAndrew Spallek5-18-04  10:25 am
Interview with women of Buck's Row - December 1888Suzi Hanney12-11-05  3:39 pm
Is Jack Back?Christopher T George12-16-03  11:31 am
Is ripperology history?N Cooper21 5-24-04  7:07 am
Is the Killer a local of the East end??ReeceAU24 5-21-05  7:28 am
Is there a site?Paul Jackson10 5-14-04  7:10 pm
Jack and his symbolic communicationNatalie Severn35 3-26-04  5:55 pm
Jack artefactsGeorge Hutchinson27 1-29-05  3:09 am
Jack Left Handed?Monty3-29-04  10:58 am
Jack the Decapitator D.Neal3-10-04  2:53 pm
Jack the deranged anarchistNatalie Severn 41 6-19-04  12:42 pm
Jack the Firestarter?Frank van Oploo40 6-24-05  7:30 am
Jack the Flasher?Suzi Hanney4-17-05  4:48 pm
Jack the Hatex PFC Wintergreen17 3-30-05  10:42 pm
Jack the ripperCB12-06-03  7:39 am
Jack the Ripper - Derivation of the NameChristopher T George69 12-30-04  8:51 pm
Jack The Ripper and the man behind himErin11-27-05  2:33 am
Jack the Ripper Case importance to current Events. Help!Dan Norder3-19-05  5:14 pm
Jack the Ripper MisconceptionsJane51 2-09-05  2:06 pm
Jack the Ripper Psychological Profiling” and the Importance of the ...n13 8-25-05  7:22 pm
Jack the Ripper report; a little help?Sergeant Charles Eyt12 9-25-05  5:06 am
Jack the Ripper's suit!Scott Suttar10 8-26-04  4:15 am
Jack The Ripper: From HellJason Scott Mullins44 4-14-04  11:36 am
Jack the Ripper: theories on his identityHolger Haase11-28-04  2:57 pm
Jack's MO - Working his way up?Maria Giordano20 8-29-05  11:41 am
Jack's ProfessionDiana 38 9-08-05  8:00 am
Jack, George, and the CommitteeHoward Brown12 9-12-05  10:48 am
Jacks Murder KitDustin Gould34 3-23-04  6:07 pm
Jacks the Ripper and the Tipping PointGlenn G. Lauritz And4-18-05  9:04 am
Jacky and Black Humorex PFC Wintergreen20 3-24-05  9:31 pm
James FitzgeraldAP Wolf10-19-04  5:25 pm
James Mason Film?? Olson12-06-03  2:56 am
James, Henry -- Possible SuspectRipperHistorian3-20-04  9:21 pm
Jennie DonovanDan Norder3-27-05  11:13 pm
Jewish DatesNicholas Smith6-14-05  10:07 am
John 'Saucy Jack' SkinnerBaron von Zipper10-07-05  10:49 am
John Alfred Chapmanautolycus5-19-05  5:08 pm
John Langan, arrested October 1888Andrew Gable9-27-04  1:05 am
John PizerNeil K. MacMillan10-30-03  8:30 pm
JTR 2006 Calendars for sale Sir Robert Anderson1-02-06  6:20 pm
JTR and Hutchinson in Cahoots?CB8-07-05  11:21 am
JTR Research - Advice SoughtR.J. Palmer10 1-14-04  10:31 pm
JtR walksAlan Sharp3-10-04  5:05 am
Just a thought (Dr. Cream)shelley 119 9-28-04  6:10 pm
Just for Kicks?Diana 5-28-04  11:05 am
Just how much was Mary Kelly in arrears?Chris Scott18 3-01-05  4:13 pm
Just Like The Beltway SniperEdiel2-21-04  12:02 am
Just one questionJerry Maynard7-06-04  11:27 pm
Just to let you all know....CB1-31-04  12:29 pm
JuwesPhil Hill62 12-28-04  5:40 pm
Kellys cry explainedLindsey Millar11 2-23-05  5:01 pm
Kellys mutilationsGlenn L Andersson2-27-04  1:21 pm
Kellys room.Jeff Leahy13 5-25-04  5:41 am
Kosminski revisitedrodney10-01-05  9:09 pm
Lambeth WorkhouseAP Wolf7-26-05  12:21 pm
Lessons Learned while Running from a HurricaneFrank van Oploo9-29-05  11:46 am
Letter from Queen Victoria in "Ultimate Jack the Ripper Sourcebook"...Phil Hill11-30-04  1:58 am
LewesPaul Williams4-12-04  5:44 pm
Lighting and Street IlluminationHoward Brown23 4-13-05  7:02 pm
Linking it all togetherJack_the_Repper10 1-29-04  8:11 pm
Links ThreadDiana 1-11-05  4:32 pm
Lisa TurnerLisa Turner8-03-04  7:24 am
List of ALL suspects updatedDavid A. Green15 9-29-05  3:36 pm
Little books of horrorsSuzi Hanney43 1-18-05  7:12 pm
Llewellyn's perspective..Monty20 8-26-04  11:15 am
Locating the Graves of the Canonical VictimsAndrew Spallek6-23-04  12:35 pm
Lolesworth Street, SpitalfieldsMonty10 5-04-04  11:21 am
London Hospital (Whitechapel)Chris Phillips12-15-04  5:00 pm
London Hospital and Medical Schoolinterested5-17-04  3:46 pm
London Hospital and the three student suspects.Kerrie Edwards42 10-29-04  2:12 am
London in the 19th centuryPhil Hill2-14-05  10:42 am
London Met ResearchRobert W. House13 12-18-04  7:09 am
Long Transcriptions PendingRobert Charles Linfo6-08-04  9:41 am
Longest living JTR suspect?Suzi Hanney13 1-06-05  4:35 pm
Looking for a heart?Donato Fasolini7-21-04  2:59 pm
Looking for Ordinance MapsThomas Olson2-28-04  9:57 pm
Looking for that Elusive Book ?Dean Elbaum7-13-05  12:56 am
Lord Arthur Somerset as suspectFrank van Oploo8-13-05  6:12 am
Lusk's living?Diana 21 4-25-05  7:33 am
Mad Stephen'sAP Wolf9-09-04  5:33 pm
Making an accountHoward Brown9-11-05  12:10 pm
Man seen in mitre squareCB20 8-05-04  2:52 pm
Maps -- London Underground 1889Andrew Spallek5-11-05  1:04 am
Maps showing movementsJeff Hamm133 5-10-05  4:04 pm
Maps- Listing of Street Name Changes -- Great Reference SourceRobert Clack12-28-04  3:50 pm
Mary ann coxHarry Mann4-07-05  5:00 am
Mary Kelly Death Scene PhotoSuzi Hanney5-29-04  10:45 am
Mary Kelly MutilationsSteve Murray7-05-05  9:40 am
Mary Kelly's roommate.CB8-13-04  10:32 pm
Mary Kellys GhostSuzi Hanney70 5-14-05  5:23 pm
Mary kellys room after her murderMr. Woodhead21 3-09-05  7:59 am
May I ask for som help?Glenn L Andersson3-19-04  3:37 pm
Medical / Psychological Discussions
Threads touching on any aspect of medical science, psychology, behavioral studies, etc. can be discussed in this area.
Ms C717 38 8-25-05  6:38 pm
Men Dressed as WomenDan Norder17 9-11-05  9:15 pm
MEPO 1/55AP Wolf23 1-08-06  6:11 pm
Met search areaMonty33 1-28-04  10:06 am
Metacognition and LogicD. Radka51 6-20-05  2:05 pm
MethodologyMephisto22 1-07-05  4:38 pm
Methods of Capture were used, whatrodney11-07-05  1:00 am
Metropolitan Police planning to sell off existing buildingsGuy Hatton2-24-04  8:44 am
Mickeldy JoeAmateurSleuth12-06-05  2:08 am
Millers Court GraffitoChristopher T George2-04-04  10:37 am
Missing EvidenceAndrew Spallek10-25-04  4:58 pm
Missing police files ?Monty2-24-04  4:33 am
Modus Operandi - Strangulation first?Jeff B7-12-04  2:42 pm
Monday Night Trivia Competition !!!Howard Brown12-03-05  5:38 pm
Motive MotiveAP Wolf30 9-30-05  5:46 pm
Moving through whitechapel: subway ?Silvere Martin-Michi7-22-05  11:10 pm
MPORSNatalie Severn 10 12-14-05  9:57 am
Mrs maxwellAndrew Spallek7-05-05  1:07 pm
Mugwumps?Suzi Hanney21 11-24-05  5:28 pm
Murder by designDan Norder15 3-07-04  6:32 am
Murder in the LVPAP Wolf83 11-05-05  11:32 am
Murder of 20 July 1889Chris Scott11-17-05  3:07 pm
Murder SitesRobert W. House26 12-09-04  2:39 pm
Murder weapon identifiedChristopher T George12-07-05  2:49 pm
My Ripper Play Will Be Produced!Lee Ireland3-21-05  10:17 am
My Ripper WebsiteSuzi Hanney2-28-05  3:07 am
My Ripper WebsiteAmy Davies8-20-04  8:37 am
My Ripper WebsiteAmy Davies8-20-04  8:38 am
My TheoryPhil Hill10 12-31-04  3:59 pm
Need Help For A poster project!Suzi Hanney10-29-04  4:50 am
Need help with newspaper articles!Adam Went10 6-11-05  5:49 am
Need Some Help ASAPMelissa3-12-05  3:47 pm
Net translator!Suzi Hanney4-12-04  4:59 pm
NEW ??!!! GOULSTON ST PIC!?Suzi Hanney18 2-23-05  1:14 pm
New BBC Ripper Drama starring Shane Richie!Stef Kukla22 8-05-05  1:30 pm
New Detection TechnologyDiana 8-25-05  4:11 am
New Evidence- A Must SeeJeanette49 9-09-05  1:36 pm
New Montague Druitt BiographyAndrew Spallek10 2-26-05  12:22 pm
New Ripper Suspect BookStephen P. Ryder11-05-05  12:24 pm
New Ripper Suspect?smokingmirror4-25-05  5:31 pm
New theory on the identity of Jack the Ripper.Phil Hill5-04-05  2:01 am
New way to see Ripper sitesmvario1-05-05  7:51 pm
NEWS FLASH! New Version of McNaughton Memorandum! New Kelly Inque...James Jeffrey Paul6-27-04  9:44 am
Newspaper Articles
An area to post miscellaneous press reports (historical and modern) relating to the Ripper crimes, Whitechapel in general, or other areas of related interest.
Robert Charles Linfo277 26 1-08-06  7:44 am
Nigel Morland?jason_connachan12-17-05  1:47 pm
Northampton Connections to the Ripper Case Mara4-24-04  5:21 pm
Notable Persons
A subtopic for discussion of various notable persons involved in the Ripper case, who don't fit in any other particular category.
John Ruffels495 30 10-03-05  12:55 am
Oakley StreetJohn Savage212 5-17-05  8:53 pm
Odd JuxtapositionHoward Brown10-05-05  5:03 pm
Of Dreamers and AdjudicatorsDiana 10-03-05  10:04 pm
OI, EVERYONE I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nicholas Smith8-26-05  1:10 pm
Old adversaries and reincarnation....David Allen1-20-05  12:16 pm
Oldest livingAdam Went12-12-04  3:19 am
Origin of 'Ripper' nameRob Bennet12-02-05  5:39 pm
Other Crimes?Glenn L Andersson10-21-03  2:11 pm
Other Weekends Other Crimes?jason_connachan12-11-05  7:23 pm
Ouija Boardex PFC Wintergreen12-25-05  5:26 pm
Patricia the RipperCourtney Karr13 6-16-05  2:49 pm
PC Patrick O'Hara,153, X DivisionAP Wolf1-04-06  5:39 pm
Pearly Poll's nameSergeant Charles Eyt5-24-05  1:10 pm
Period details - avoiding anachronismMaria Giordano1-06-05  9:57 am
Petticoat Lanematfelon11 1-03-06  2:44 pm
PhotographsJeffrey Bloomfied42 12-22-05  8:10 pm
Photographs of autopsy rooms - London, 1888Nina Thomas12-30-04  4:40 pm
Photos of Inmates at Broadmoor Isylum Garrison10-10-04  7:14 pm
PicturesDaniel Conway7-20-04  9:35 am
Pinchin-street TorsoMark Starr3-02-04  4:40 pm
PlaquesAlan Sharp2-25-04  5:05 am
Please answer a few questionsIan9-13-05  11:27 pm
Please help me, I require information on what was considered strang...naomi2-23-05  9:22 am
PLEASE HELP WHEN WAS THE LAST MURDER?Suzi Hanney11 6-25-04  1:49 pm
Please Help! Need Information On East End Murder RatesEric Skinner10 4-10-04  9:51 pm
Plz Help Me!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP Natalie Severn 10 5-05-05  12:35 pm
Police BeatsRobert Charles Linfo12-10-05  2:31 pm
Police Convalescent Home in Brighton?John Ruffels11-30-05  4:55 am
Police Drafted into WhitechapelGordon10-16-03  6:57 pm
Position of the victims Amy sanchez6-30-03  10:48 am
Possibility of a coldAIP28 11-06-05  3:35 am
Possible conclussionsPhil Hill4-07-05  6:21 am
Presentation by Trevor Marriottjulia40 5-05-05  4:26 am
Press access to primary evidenceJon Smyth12 8-29-04  10:08 am
Prison songsGlenn L Andersson9-03-03  8:59 pm
ProblemAdam Went1-17-05  5:43 am
Procedure with lunaticsRobert Charles Linfo8-26-05  11:49 am
Profilers and Profiling
Threads relating to the art of profiling, as well as past and current cases involving profilers, can be discussed here.
Glenn L Andersson34 5-14-04  10:52 pm
Profiling and mutilations, an indication of Jack's madness?jason finley11-11-05  1:59 pm
ProfillingSuzi Hanney14 6-26-04  8:14 pm
Psychic arrest!Chris Scott5-21-03  7:52 am
Psychopaths and Pit BullsLindsey C Hollifield72 12-31-05  5:17 pm
Psychopaths/Sociopaths -- Nature? Nurture?Diana 1-10-05  7:49 pm
Pushing Lusk's Buttons?D. Radka43 6-30-05  6:16 pm
Question about the problems of the case..Maria Giordano5-27-04  11:45 am
Recent Ripper WalkDale Huddlesceugh33 6-18-05  4:58 pm
Redhead?Frank van Oploo3-27-05  4:57 pm
Reflections after a summer spent studying Anatomy and PhysiologyDiana 31 8-09-04  7:47 am
Religious ManiaCaroline Anne Morris20 5-18-05  10:22 am
Rember "Spring Heeled Jack"?Helge Samuelsen6-01-05  4:49 pm
Report, whats important?Andrew Spallek2-17-04  5:49 pm
Research Area
An area where new research on specific individuals and/or events can be posted, discussed and analyzed.
Christopher Lowe78 8-29-05  1:23 pm
Research paper problemsAlan Sharp3-11-04  12:20 pm
Ripper booksAP Wolf1-05-04  6:05 pm
Ripper Groups in the USKen Morris6-13-04  11:36 pm
Ripper Media. Please Help!Rebecca S1-03-05  11:24 am
Ripper PlayEast Ender7-17-04  2:25 pm
Ripper sites in non J.T.R. films or tv progs.Suzi Hanney10-29-04  3:01 pm
Ripper unmaskedChris Phillips3-09-04  2:38 pm
Ripper Watch StandJim Garrison34 9-11-04  6:15 am
Ripper WebsiteAmes27878-10-04  6:44 pm
RITUAL MURDER IN LONDON 2005Howard Brown6-17-05  6:18 am
Robert McLaughlin's BookNatalie Severn 10-21-05  6:04 pm
Robert Smith (ex Smith-Gryphon)Tiddley boyar12-08-03  1:05 pm
Robert Spicerrichard Charles Vinc9-10-05  6:33 am
Roslyn DonstonJerry Maynard4-10-04  10:11 pm
Royal Family LILYGOTSILLY12-04-04  9:37 am
Royal TheoryChris Taylor1-20-05  12:16 pm
Run and Hide, or Stay and Blend?ex PFC Wintergreen12-25-05  5:41 pm
Salt and peeperSaddam Hussein The D5-06-03  11:04 pm
Sam HallKris Law10-19-05  2:38 pm
SAME SUSPECT........DIFFERENT BASISJennifer D. Pegg6-10-05  4:38 pm
School project and i need helpChris Scott3-12-04  11:51 am
Seaside Home Clarendon VillasLucy Cheffy11-27-05  10:35 am
Security of Police InformationRudolphe Giordani11-07-04  10:18 am
Serial killer misconceptions....Gareth W26 12-31-05  6:50 pm
Sex & Violence & The Old BaileyRobert Charles Linfo13 8-11-05  5:29 am
Sexual Serial Killer or not?Natalie Severn 87 1-02-06  1:31 pm
ShadowsAP Wolf47 10-17-05  1:59 pm
Shawls and WhoresPhil Hill11-17-05  2:27 am
ShoesJeff wood1-20-05  12:17 pm
Should Jack the Ripper Be Studied In Schools?Paul C41 2-20-05  8:07 am
Sickert was Sick but Not the RipperGeorge Hutchinson11-07-05  6:46 pm
Sights of Interest?Caroline Anne Morris1-26-04  7:32 am
Sir W.T. MadgeAP Wolf6-06-05  3:51 pm
So what do we really know?Dan Norder24 3-09-04  5:33 am
Some random questionsmurphy11 12-28-04  5:23 pm
Sorting the cluesSarah Long571 23 3-05-04  7:39 am
Sotheby's: the Sims collectionesm4-06-05  10:19 pm
SourcesMark1-15-05  10:27 am
Spatial RelationshipsDiana 4-03-03  9:04 pm
Speculated opinionsDan Norder45 3-06-04  4:40 am
Speculation StationMr Poster20 5-13-05  5:30 am
Splidt StreetRobert Clack11-09-05  2:32 pm
Stand up and be countedD. Radka121 9-10-04  9:58 pm
Statistical Likelihood of Multiple JacksNatalie Severn 284 8-28-05  4:44 pm
Stolen Knives?Robert Clack12-02-03  2:14 pm
Strange Feelings in WhitechapelMr. Woodhead39 3-09-05  12:00 pm
Strangulation, ...Pro's and Con'sCharles DeBain15 6-28-05  8:37 pm
STREET BALLADS ABOUT THE RIPPERCaroline Anne Morris9-09-03  4:20 am
Suicide at Wimbledon 1891Robert Charles Linfo10-04-05  10:43 am
Super. Cutbushpete cutbush18 5-16-05  4:17 am
Surely a explanationHelge Samuelsen69 5-01-05  8:23 am
Suspects and Police colour ups and reconstructionsmal x84 2-08-05  5:30 pm
Suspicious Incident at DeptfordJoan Taylor2-07-05  12:15 pm
SYPHILIS Howard Brown4-29-05  11:53 pm
Take the long road and walk it.Neil Cooper8-31-04  9:26 pm
Ted Bundy Helps Catch the Green River Killer on A&EMitch Hannah5-05-05  4:04 am
Teenager?Robert Charles Linfo8-11-05  6:28 pm
Thank YouCraig6-27-04  9:46 am
The "Maybrick" Watch - What does it tell us?Caroline Anne Morris18 12-22-04  12:20 pm
The "Thames Murder", 1873AP Wolf5-02-05  4:46 pm
The "Wisdom"(?) of the Modern RipperologistAIP14 11-14-05  1:02 pm
The 'Official Album'.Robert Charles Linfo12-18-05  4:05 pm
The 24th september letterDan Norder13 10-01-05  12:13 am
The Ballad of Jack the RipperSuzi Hanney11 11-25-04  6:38 pm
The case against barnettLindsey Millar24 5-31-05  8:44 pm
The disappearing No 29 Aldgate High Street!Suzi Hanney12 1-12-04  4:39 pm
The DoctorsCerberus8-12-04  9:06 pm
The Future is BrightHoward Brown67 11-18-05  7:04 pm
The Ghosts of the East EndGlenn L Andersson53 5-05-04  6:46 pm
The Goulston Street Graffito - What Did Jack Do With The Chalk?leprechaun132 12-16-05  4:41 pm
The Great-Coram-Street Murderdonna newton13 3-31-05  2:37 pm
The Key QuestionsMike the Mauler137 8-31-05  2:44 pm
The killers footwareRobert Charles Linfo5-29-04  8:05 am
The killers strengthDustin Gould10 1-12-05  10:38 pm
The London Garrotting Panic of 1862BJMarkland9-29-04  7:57 am
The London Nobody KnowsRobert Clack11 9-26-05  5:31 pm
The London Weather in 1888Gareth W31 1-09-06  2:41 pm
The Lottery and finding "Jack".Claresa Mandola12 1-31-05  3:20 pm
The Lusk Kidney, The Whitehall Torso, and an Angry Man?Christopher Lowe10-04-05  9:55 am
The LyceumRobert Ebert4-23-05  9:20 pm
The Missing Datesjason_connachan10 12-26-05  9:40 am
The Mounted BranchSuzi Hanney12-13-05  3:38 pm
The mysterious American specimen purchaserChristopher T George18 12-23-04  4:14 am
The New York Zodiac KillerFrank van Oploo2-11-05  7:01 am
The October LullAndrew Spallek15 11-18-04  9:25 am
The Old Nichol Gang Sarah Long3-15-04  9:46 am
The Police and Jack the RipperKazy A.20 7-19-04  8:14 am
The Police and Jack the RipperKazy A.7-06-04  11:26 pm
The Press, The People and the PhenomenonAdam Went22 6-08-05  6:48 am
The Process of Discovery; Imagination, Serendipity and LogicDiana 10-22-05  9:29 pm
The Ripper's identity or is it the Rippers' IdentityJack the Reaper13 9-23-04  3:14 pm
The rippers timetableNeal Shelden34 5-14-04  3:24 pm
The significance of the number 39..Suzi Hanney103 2-03-05  5:41 pm
The Social Milieu (or what life was like)!!Robert Clack14 5-13-05  6:23 pm
The Swiss Cottage Railway Incident 1888Stephen Thomas17 12-10-05  4:21 pm
The three main suspectsIt =-was wallie-inni6-14-05  9:18 am
The Whitechapel Road Mystery and MurderHoward Brown35 12-22-05  9:58 pm
The Worst Jobs In History---5 part series on THCGlenn L Andersson20 12-30-04  12:58 pm
The Worst Street in London - July 1901Robert Charles Linfo8-25-05  6:44 pm
Theories on Jackys birth playsPaul Jackson4-18-04  9:06 pm
There are circumstancesAdam Went14 1-17-05  6:09 am
This site need a italian's help?Donato Fasolini29 8-21-04  2:40 pm
ThugCaroline Anne Morris2-27-04  1:02 pm
Timing a Function of Victimology?AP Wolf10-26-05  5:56 pm
Timing Influenced by Payday?Dustin Gould15 10-26-05  9:54 pm
Tired of the lifeMr Poster65 9-26-05  2:43 am
Top Ten "If Onlys"Stuart23 4-16-05  6:32 pm
Torso Murders of 1888 & 1889AP Wolf103 10-09-05  4:27 pm
Trevor Marriott on Coast to Coast AM Thu 9/15/05Tim9-14-05  4:02 pm
Trial of George Chapman(1930), by H.L. AdamAndrew Spallek10-02-03  12:27 pm
Trigger TheoryRichard Brian Nunwee1-08-05  3:47 pm
TV doc .UK Robert BrownBob Hinton7-22-04  2:40 pm
Two Paradigms: Serial Killer or Media Creation?Helge Samuelsen6-13-05  6:10 pm
Two Quick QuestionsSam Pierce4-12-05  5:40 pm
Two rippers?Jack the Reaper9-28-04  9:20 am
Two SuspectsJeff Leahy14 2-10-05  8:03 am
US convict interviews 1888Jeremy Massington3-26-05  2:47 pm
Verification of documentsR.J. Palmer1-24-04  5:20 pm
Victim ancestorsGary Alan Weatherhea10-29-03  9:24 pm
Victorian (1888) era uniformsSergeant Charles Eyt10-15-05  7:10 pm
Victorian Culture and Related Issues
An area to discuss all things Victorian; specifically socio-cultural issues which may have a bearing on the Ripper case.
Kelly Robinson260 24 6-15-05  12:30 pm
Virtual tourSarah Long4-28-04  5:40 am
Vlad the Ripper?Mephisto3-31-05  11:45 pm
Wanted to be Caught?Diana 12-16-05  11:14 pm
Was Elizabeth Stride really a Ripper victim?rosa8-04-04  1:40 am
Was it a Werewolf that killed Mary KellyRobert Charles Linfo29 7-17-05  6:33 pm
Was Jack a 'saviour'?Dustin Gould10-26-05  9:45 pm
Was Jack the Ripper Insane?Bob Hinton8-14-05  8:09 am
Was Macarthy still landlord of Millers Ct in 1909Robert J. McLaughlin19 8-27-04  5:25 pm
Was Richard III Jack the Ripper?autolycus5-23-05  6:56 am
Was the killer physicaly deformedDustin Gould 25 1-02-05  9:30 pm
Was there any police rivalry?Cezar Lazar5-11-05  3:48 pm
Was there any police rivalry?Cezar Lazar5-11-05  3:48 pm
Washing of bodiesRobert Charles Linfo8-14-05  8:28 pm
We Know Who It WasDr John Edwards OBE27 3-20-05  10:21 pm
Weapon?Neil K. MacMillan28 1-29-05  9:13 pm
Weather conditionsN. Beresford.18 10-16-05  9:08 am
Web sites of interestan armchair detectiv86 11-26-05  5:47 pm
West End commentary on the Jews, 1883Justin Sherin8-10-04  12:49 pm
What about this?Dillon McCoy7-22-05  11:10 pm
What Can Diddles Tell Us (Seriously)?Andrew Spallek11 12-17-05  12:01 pm
What Can Victimology Teach Us?Diana 11-07-05  5:32 pm
What did the scavengers seeDonald Souden10 11-27-05  11:01 am
What happened to Mary Janes little boy?shelley wiltshire29 7-18-04  8:12 pm
What have we learned in the last few years?Alex J Ward10-13-05  6:37 am
What keeps you interested? Clem Epps14 12-14-05  12:47 pm
What Made Him Stop?Stephen Lee2-20-05  6:29 am
What More Could the Police Have Done?zxcter26 11-03-05  2:53 pm
What transport did Jack use.Joan Taylor32 2-09-05  12:45 pm
What was kelly wearingFrank van Oploo47 1-22-05  8:07 am
What Was The State Of The Investigation At The Time Of Mary's Death...c.d.12-08-05  10:31 pm
What's Missing?....Christopher T George17 11-12-03  2:33 pm
What's New?Reino7-01-04  7:51 am
Where did George come from, where did he go?ex PFC Wintergreen1-02-06  10:05 am
Where do we go from hereDiana 32 11-25-04  10:50 am
Where is and Who is Mrs. Fiddymont?Donato Fasolini8-01-04  12:22 pm
Where to get hold the old newspapers?Dan Norder2-15-05  10:25 pm
Where was mary goingDustin Gould44 9-02-05  11:07 pm
Discussion of specific locations within Whitechapel, and the history of the region.
Suzi Hanney533 31 12-07-05  12:52 pm
WHITECHAPEL - FIENDS REUNITED!Suzi Hanney26 10-31-04  8:31 am
Whitechapel Club of Chicago - Jack speaks!!!Jeffrey Bloomfied4-18-04  8:59 pm
Whitechapel deaths 1888Doughty9-11-04  8:49 pm
Whitechapel murders: simplicity or complexity?Dustin Gould138 9-14-05  8:54 pm
Whitechapel Society 1888Frogg Moody167 12-24-05  8:10 am
Whitechapel Vigilance CommitteeChris Scott14 12-23-04  1:31 pm
Whitechapel Vigilance Committee Records?Glenn Ross5-28-05  6:45 pm
Who are the WORST Top 5 Suspects?AmateurSleuth286 12-08-05  11:21 pm
Who are your Top 3 Suspects? I Know Jack206 12-23-05  10:46 am
WHO HELD THE TORCH???Sergeant Charles Eyt29 8-27-05  1:57 am
Who is telling the truth.AAH16 11-25-05  11:07 am
Who REALLY wants to know who the Ripper is?Dustin Gould 10 10-26-05  8:57 pm
Who Wasn't There?Peter J. Tabord12 1-04-05  7:10 am
Whoever finds bodies...V9-17-05  6:31 pm
Why and what attention was drawn to the murdersAndrew Spallek4-07-05  10:27 am
Why did the murders attract so much attention?Iqra46 10-25-05  12:24 pm
Why do we ignore?.Avril Ford74 1-06-05  9:40 pm
Why dont we just believe.AP Wolf169 1-09-06  5:38 pm
Why is Jack the Ripper so famous?Kris Moore16 3-11-05  6:10 pm
Why just those women?Phil Hill18 1-03-05  1:54 pm
Why the east endPhil Hill49 9-22-05  1:30 am
Will We Ever Know?AAD85 12-13-05  2:35 am
William RalstonJeffrey Bloomfied10-03-05  7:19 pm
William Sedgwick Saunders 1824-1901Jeffrey Bloomfied5-25-04  10:06 pm
Witnesses to the nichols eventJustin Sherin5-19-04  6:09 pm
Would Jack have Swung?Sergeant Charles Eyt39 1-02-06  8:37 pm
Would Mary Have Gotten Enough From Blotchy Face to Pay the Rent?ex PFC Wintergreen18 1-07-06  2:30 am
Would the Occult be enough?Christopher T George25 1-11-05  11:06 pm
WPC's in the LVP'sAP Wolf10-12-05  1:05 pm
Writing on Mary Kelly's wallSergeant Charles Eyt64 3-13-05  10:43 am
Writing on the wallSuzi Hanney1-10-04  7:50 pm
Yahoo groupChristopher T George1-12-04  9:47 am
You'll Never Catch Me !Jerry Maynard6-09-04  7:19 pm
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