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Letters from Eddy, 1888
Michael Richards

Jack the Ripper awoke in the evening
and put on his long black coat.
He sat at his table, inked up his pen
and in the gathering dark he wrote:

"From Hell, from Hell, oh Mr. Lusk
from hottest hell I write.
Tell the police to stay awake,
I'll be out tonight.

I'll search the streets and alleyways
and find myself a whore.
Then take her where the lights are low
and cut her to the core.

Across the throat and up the middle,
oh it feels so sweet.
Clip a kidney, take it home,
fry it up and eat.

I'm not a skipper or a leather apron,
just merely a sharp steel fan.
I'm off to work now dear sir boss,
catch me when you can."

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