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By Ted621

"Ironic, isn't it? That the very liquid that powers us, that provides our sensations, our stamina, our very essence, is that which the common human trembles and pales at the sight of. The majority of people fear blood. Why? What deep banter of neurosis could this belong to? What Freudian introspect can we attribute to this phenomenon?

I'm sure there is someone else in this world who has pondered this conundrum — what were his results? What did he find at the examination of the elixer of our mortality? When was this research conducted, why weren't the results publicated in the Times? Could it be a natural defense? A cerebral circuit breaker — No NO because yet there are those who find a kindred erotic experience at the exposure to blood. Why? Why do a fraction of a minority get a physical sensation far better than any genital orgasm? Is there something in us that keeps these feelings supressed in the general public — if so why are they released in others, those pathetc, sorry, miscreants, whose sick psycotic fetish drives them to seek out a nightly ritual of perversion. Well I can't wait around for someone else — I need to know! Well my child aren't you the lucky one. Consider yourself the researcher — me the tallyman if you will — you the common control in my grizzley experiment. Help me come to a solution to my quandory. I need an answer! I can't keep doing this forever! Sooner or later it will provide no such liberation from my emotional bondage, and I will be the figment of nightmares, some already my own. Yet if you provide no such answer, than I'm afraid you will be nothing more than what your profession entails. However — I'm sorry to say your climax will not be as euforic as mine."

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