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Midnight Lover

"Out in this night it's one of the iciest of winters
The stars seem to me like scattered glass splinters

And overcome with this cursed hollow sickness I rest
Feeling that dark longing creep forth from my chest

And constricting my mind like an invisible snake
Leaving nothing but dreams in it's venomous wake

So dreaming the dark is what hence I shall do
And perhaps on occasion the dream shall come true

And my Incubus ventures from Whitechapel by night
Comes across space and time and steps into the light

Seems to me under the trickster's new moon he was born,
The black coyote of my life which I once thought forlorn

I understand the configuration now, find in my touch the key
Forth come answers - understandings for only my eyes to see

And for once this gaunt stranger may rest from the chase
And for once my own sickness seems to weaken in pace
And for once a pondering mind forgets the sins of his case
And all that exists becomes complete in darkest embrace."

**In tribute to Jack - Whoever he was, and whatever may have become of him**

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