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by Diane N. Tran

"'Tis late, Whore, you should've retired at this dismal of night,
Within a few hours, Whore, shall crack the morning light."

"Who?! Who hides like a shadow in our distant corner dome,
Who are thou, Nightly Shadow, who'd be there intruding in our home?"

"Frankly, Whore, I invited myself inside to come,
Tell me, Whore, what song did you stately hum?"

"'Sweer Violets', Shadow, 'tis the name of the verse,
Leave our sight, Shadow, your visit shall be terse."

"Diseased you are, Whore, the poison of intoxication, You,
Whore, thought you could gain so much with defamation."

"What?! 'Tis unclear, Shadow, we understand not,
We don't wish to listen, Shadow, to this nautical rot."

"Impudent Whore, did you think me blind,
He told me everything, Whore, all the secrets behind!"

"'Tis you, Shadow! We can tell in that leer,
It is you, Shadow, the one we were told to fear!"

"The aspersion, Whore, grows and feeds inside you,
The fool you are, Whore, His era shall become anew!"

"You, Shadow, know it is not us to blame,
It's nature, Shadow, no control over that shame."

"You, Whore, bear inside that odious scandal,
That kind of infamy, Whore, He shan't handle!"

"He, Shadow, did it to me,
Shadow, 'twas not I to He!!"

"Lies, Whore! You know affluence was be your key,
You, Whore, knew blackmail served a handsome fee!"

"Never, Shadow, our souls are spineless and frail,
We are cowards, Shadow, legs between tail!"

"My mission, Whore, 'tis to liberate the King,
And you, Whore, are the main link of that ring!"

"No, Shadow, we done nothing but try to survive,
We are nothing to nothing, Shadow, why should we deprive?!"

"'Tis false, Whore! You know what value you'd possess,
You, Whore, like the others, shall be laid to a bloody rest!"

"Shadow, no! Tabram, Nicholls, Chapman, Stride,
Eddowes; guiltless, Shadow, why have five died?"

"Nay five, Whore. Pooh, you make me laugh, '
Twas ten before thou, Whore, soon others will feel my wrath."

"We knew not of others, Shadow, except my five dears in prime,
They were innocent, Shadow, they had no crime?!"

"Cohorts of commission, Whore, knowledge ' twas vice,
In a natatorium of crimson, they squealed like common mice."

"We can be silent, Shadow, not another word, not another utter,
Grant us flight, Shadow, we'll close each door and cover every shutter."

"'Twas my decrees, Whore, to prevent the imbalance of power,
What a delight it is, Whore, to see you on your knees and cower."

"You'll be caught and trailed, Shadow, like the other sanguinary foes,
You are like a naive dog, Shadow, you flicker over His royale toes."

"Such strong pledges, Whore, to me you just sent,
Or did you forget, Whore, that He IS the government!!"

"We pity you, Shadow, such allegiance He does not merit,
We stand here like thus, Shadow, do your ill duty, we can no longer bear it."

"Whitechapel must be cleaned, my dear, from this sluttish rut,
Forgive me, my dear, my blade snaring through from gullet to gut..."

*** In memory to the accepted and alleged victims of the infamous ***
*** Whitechapel tragedies ***

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