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Matthew Packer

A sketch-portrait of a man has been made by the Scotland Yard authorities answering as nearly as possible to the description given by Matthew Packer, 44, Berner- street, and that of two other witnesses, who assert that they saw the man, and actually conversed with him prior to the committal of the murder. Packer keeps a fruit shop next door to the yard adjoining the Working Men's Educational Club, and indignantly protests that two grape stalks were found near the body of Elizabeth Stride by a woman living up the yard. He seems positive that the grapes were sold by him to the man who murdered Stride. Tracings of the sketch made of the supposed murderer have been sent to all those who are likely to identify him, amongst them being Packer, who contemptuously states that it bears no resemblance whatever to the man he had endeavoured to describe. IF a man was found was answered to the description of the sketch in every detail he could not possibly swear that he had seen such a man. The man he saw was about thirty years of age, whereas the portrait was that of a mere boy without any expression whatever, and from what he could judge practically useless for identification. He also complained very bitterly that he had wasted nearly the whole week trying to help the police, had neglected his business, and had not received the least remuneration, though promises had been made to him that his time would be paid for.

-- Manchester Guardian - 8 October 1888

The statement made by a man to Packer, the fruit seller of Berner-street, that he was of opinion that his cousin had committed the foul deeds, is still being investigated by the detectives, who are inclined to doubt the veracity of the greater portion of the details. They, however, believe they have found the cousin referred to, and attach little importance to what was at first supposed to be a substantial clue.

-- Manchester Guardian - 19 November 1888

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