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Goulston Street

Goulston Street

Above: Goulston Street near the turn of the century. The building in which the writing was found can be seen on the far left.

Entrance to the archway containing the writing

Above: The entrance to the archway where the infamous "Goulston Street Graffito" was discovered.

Modern Goulston Street

Above: Modern Goulston street, arrow pointing to the doorway (still exists in same area) in which the graffito was discovered. Photograph courtesy of Mr. Adam Wood.

Closer view of the area

Above: A closer view of the area in which the writing was found. The doorway underneath the sign which reads "Orange & Lemon" is in the same position as was the archway in 1888. Photograph courtesy of Mr. John Smithkey III.

Goulston Street

Above: A close view of the doorway in which the infamous "Goulston Street Grafitti" was discovered on the night of the double murder. The area is now occupied by a fish-and-chips shop. The original stone work above the doorway still remains intact. Taken: Tuesday, June 29, 1999. Photograph courtesy of Johnno.

Goulston Street

Above: A north-eastward facing view of Goulston Street. The doorway in which the graffiti was written is below a "To Let" sign in the middle of the picture, above the closest red car (not under the "To Let" sign in the far right side of the picture). Taken: Tuesday, June 29, 1999. Photograph courtesy of Johnno.

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