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Times (London)
13 June 1887

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY CARLTON CLUB.-The annual dinner of the Cambridge University Carlton club was held on Saturday night at the Lion Hotel. Mr. W. H. Wilkins, of Clare (the president), was in the chair, and the attendance included the Duke of Abercorn, the Marquis of Carmarthen, the Attorney-General, Sir John Gorst, the Right Hon. H.C. Raikes, M.P., Mr. Charles Hall, Q.C., M.P., Mr. Penrose Fitzgerald, M.P., the Masters of Magdalene, Corpus Christi, and Jesus Colleges, Rev. G.F. Browne, Rev. F. Foakes-Jackson, Mr. John Tracey (Canning Club, Oxford), Mr. J.K. Stephen, Count Strickland, Sir J. Stirling-Maxwell, the Hon. G. Willoughby, &c. A number of ladies also attended to hear the speeches. The Duke of Abercorn, in the course of his reply to the toast of "The House of Lords," said their lordships did their duty in a quick and, he might almost say, a scientific manner. They now had Bills knocking at the door of the House of Commons. He referred to the address voted by the Liberal Unionists of the University of Cambridge to Lard Hartington on Friday as a significant event. Sir John Gorst and Mr. Cecil Raikes replied for the House of Commons. The Rev. G.F. Browne having proposed "The Conservative Cause," coupled with the name of Sir Richard Webster, the Attorney-General said, the prospects of the Conservative cause were never brighter. In the autumn of 1885 Lord Salisbury said there were only two parties in the State-Radicals and Conservatives; and his observation was coming true. It was because the Conservative cause was identified with all moderate men that its prospects were brighter than in the past. They had in Mr. Gladstone an example of what they ought to avoid. He need not remind them that twice had Mr. Gladstone by change of principles wrecked a Ministry and destroyed a party. The leading principle of Conservatism in the future must be, not the question of Home Rule, but a determination to maintain the supremacy of Parliament with the authority of Parliament. Other speeches followed.

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