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London, U.K.
31 October 1888


Dr. Richardson, as President of the Society of Cyclists, last night delivered the opening address. In the course of his remarks he said it had been suggested that the cycle should be used by the police, and he knew that Sir Charles Warren took the most lively interest in the subject. The general impression was that there should be four kinds of machines for the police - one for rapid communication, another a tandem, capable of carrying say ten men to fires or a tumult, and the fourth an ambulance cycle. He thought such machines would give greater effectiveness to the police force in the suppression of crime. Nothing stopped crime so much as its quick detection, and no doubt by the use of the cycle crime would be greatly stayed.


Mr. Matthew Packer, who keeps a fruit shop next to the gate-way where the Berner-street murder was committed, has stated to a reporter that this last night or two he has felt alarmed owing to his having seen a man exactly like the one who bought the grapes off him for the unfortunate murdered woman Elizabeth Stride, a short time before the murder was committed. Last Saturday night, he says, he was standing in the Commercial-road when he caught sight of the man staring at him. After passing and repassing him several times the man came behind him, looking menacingly at him. He got frightened, drew a shoe-black's attention to the fellow, who then disappeared. He declares that he kept on the look-out for a policeman; but none came, and the strange visitor got away in a tram. Such is the story a Correspondent sends. It seems improbable.

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